README |維持三年每晚安排義工於北角炮台山派飯予露宿者|香港自殺報道資料庫唯一編者|成立義工情報局 V.I.A、香港動物領養資料庫及尋 啟事等等線上廣播平台|強項:資料搜集、數據錄入、統計分析及宣傳推廣等等。

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Benny Ho-Men Yeong

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README siuyeong.com維持三年每晚安排義工於北角炮台山派飯予露宿者|香港自殺報道資料庫唯一編者|成立義工情報局 V.I.A、香港動物領養資料庫及尋 啟事等等線上廣播平台|強項:資料搜集、數據錄入、統計分析及宣傳推廣等等。

README | Arranged for volunteers to deliver hot meals to the homeless every night for three years | Sole editor of Hong Kong Suicide Press Database | Established online broadcasting platforms such as Volunteer Intelligence Agency, Hong Kong Animal Adoption Database and Missing Poster Online | Strengths: data collection, data entry, statistical analysis and promotion, etc.

義工情報局 V.I.A
Volunteer Intelligence Agency
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Channels of collect and distribute volunteer activities in Hong Kong every day. Since many volunteers do not find channels for volunteer activities, organizations or groups that require volunteers do not have sufficient publicity. Therefore, I hope that through my spare time, helpers collect and distribute volunteer information so that everyone can get volunteers' job opportunities more easily.

Hong Kong Suicide Press Database
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Hong Kong Suicide Press Database (Formerly: Hong Kong Suicide Statistics in 2019) records cases of suicide or attempted suicide in Hong Kong that have been reported by the media. The purpose of this document is to record the daily news reports of suicide cases in Hong Kong for public discussion. This document does not advocate suicide, please cherish your life and care for your family and friends. In recent years, the number of suicide cases in Hong Kong has been on the rise, including those affected by emotional disorders and mental illness, and some students choose to take their own lives because they cannot bear the pressure of their studies, family or peers, causing social concern and sadness. Teachers and parents are urged to pay attention to the emotional changes of students, care for them, provide support to students in need, strengthen the work of taking care of mental health and suicide prevention, and guide them to face adversity bravely and cherish life.

Hong Kong Animal Adoption Database
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A channel that collects and publishes information on animal adoptions in Hong Kong on a daily basis. Hello, the adoption information we provide is not updated in time. It is recommended that you check with the designated adoption organizations or learn more about it. You can [press me] to get information in our database. Or you can browse the list of "adoption organizations" provided in our database which provides a clear and accurate contact method for you to check with them. 😁

好 義 分 享
Share Volunteer
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「好義分享」搜羅香港唔同機構團體大大小小嘅義工服務,只要透過 Facebook 、 Instagram 及 Telegram 訂閱我哋 @ShareVolunteerHK ,每日為您送上最新義工資訊。

"Share Volunteer" searches for the volunteer services of different organizations in Hong Kong. Just subscribe us @ShareVolunteerHK via Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to get the latest volunteer information every day.

Stray Animals Death Database
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"protectstray2021" holds the original intention of treating every life equally, protects stray animals that die accidentally on the street or on the road, and helps them walk the final journey with dignity. "protectstray2021" is a self-funded form of receiving and arranging hospice services for stray animals that died accidentally on the road and have no owners. Please do not abuse resources.

尋   啟 事
Missing Poster Online
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廣播尋「」啟事,包括但不限於 Facebook , Instagram 及 Telegram ,已尋回的帖文會直接刪除。

Broadcasting of missing " " notices in the online world, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. We will delete the posts of those who have been found.


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其實我唔識英文,都係用 Google 翻譯幫手,但又要回答外國記者嘅查詢,所以上面啲英文都係頂硬上。😂
In fact, my English ability is very low, and I also need Google Translate for the inquiries of foreign journalists.